QUESTION: Is the battle [for LGBTQ* equality] won, now?

GATISS: Oh, no.

There’s a very seductive idea that everything’s fine and that it’s incredibly easy for someone to come out these days. And you can get that sort of thing from a very metropolitan mindset.

Rather than—despite the internet and everything—there are obviously people feeling very isolated…

Not just in tiny villages, but in other communities. Because of their family circumstances, because of how they’ve been brought up, or—particularly—religion.

No, not at all.



Females grow pubic hair

Not all labias are symmetrical

Big clitorises are not unnatural

Vaginal secretions exist outside of sexual arousal

These secretions have a smell

Some more pungent than others

The female reproductive system is not dirty

The female body can be hairy and a bit smelly and it will appear different for everyone

And that’s okay

file under: shit i was not taught in school but fuck i wish it was

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one of my coworkers got a call (i work in a call center/tech support) from a customer that was really scared because supposedly the mafia was hacking her computer and they were stalking her…when finally my coworker took remote control of the computer he couldn’t stop laughing because


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When you quote a fictional character around a friend or family member and they don’t notice



when you quote a fictional character around a stranger or new friend and they notice



this is how i feel literally EVERY DAY

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Take my hand.

I hate to think back. But sometimes I feel like, I was more willing to experiment with styles, and less afraid of making mistakes back then before I started my animation studies. 

Der Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral) is a Roman Catholic church in Köln (Cologne), Central-Western Germany. It’s a renowned monument of German Catholicism and Gothic architecture and a World Heritage Site. It is also Germany’s most visited landmark, attracting an average of 20,000 people a day. Construction commenced in 1248 and was halted in 1473, leaving it unfinished. Work restarted in the 19th century and was completed, to the original plan, in 1880. The cathedral is the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe and has the 2nd-tallest spires (after Ulm Minster, also in Germany). Its 2 huge spires give it the largest façade of any church in the world. The choir has the largest height to width ratio, 3.6:1, of any medieval church. Cologne’s medieval builders had planned a grand structure to house the reliquary of the Three Kings and fit its role as a place of worship for the Holy Roman Emperor. The cathedral suffered 14 hits by aerial bombs during WW2. It did not collapse, but stood tall in an otherwise flattened city.


Five years old, I swear

crocs. this manchild is wearing crocs.